east tennessee state university memorial mini dome renovations

CLIENT: Johnson City Country Club
LOCATION: Johnson City, Tennessee

Planning + Strategies | Architecture

Thomas Weems Architect rose to the challenge posed by East Tennessee State University of re-purposing the existing Memorial Mini Dome to provide a dedicated basketball arena. As part of the proposed renovations, the university would not only secure an exclusive basketball arena, but it would also gain renovated offices, classrooms, common areas, and a separate state-of-the-art NCAA competition track facility. TWA was able to significantly increase the number of academic and administrative spaces housed in the Mini Dome by rotating the current court and track layouts. The new design maintains the building's iconic shape and introduces plaza entrances on all four sides. The most impressive entrance on the South side incorporates university branding, features a glass rotunda and spire, and faces The Quad connecting to the remainder of campus. Although, the renovations were not realized, the master plan evokes possibilities in ETSU's academic and athletic future.